3-year-old Brooklyn girl Kyrah Martin found dead in snow after apparently falling off roof

Kyrah Martin was found dead in the snow early Wednesday after cops believe she wandered up to her building's rooftop (below) and fell.

Kyrah Martin

A 3-year-old Brooklyn girl was killed just before Christmas when she ventured up to the roof of her building early Wednesday and tumbled four stories to her death.

Kyrah Martin’s broken body was found face-down in the snow at 1:15 a.m. while the rooftop alarm in the Crown Heights building blared.

“There’s one set of footprints in the snow on the roof,” said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. “The baby tragically fell off the roof.”

Kyrah’s mom, 35-year-old Nefertiti Martin, who has three other children, moved into a top-floor apartment in the 21-unit building on Park Place just a few days ago, police said.

Residents said Martin’s kids often played in the stairwell.

A 3-year-old Brooklyn girl was found dead in the snow early Wednesday after cops believe she wandered up to her building's rooftop and fell.

“It’s like a playground for them,” said Donato Cabrera, 56.

At 12:45 p.m., Kyrah was caught on videotape climbing the stairs up “to the roof door,” Kelly said.
“It shows the baby leaving the apartment by herself,” he said. “The roof is alarmed. Baby opens the roof door and sets off the alarm.”

Then Kyrah vanishes from view.

Kyrah’s mom was apparently sleeping when the girl sneaked out and was not roused by the alarm. The first she learned that something was terribly wrong was when police knocked at her door, neighbors said.
“She looked sleepy,” neighbor J.R. Sharpe said. “They just woke her up.”

Another fourth-floor resident, James Morrison, 56, said he heard the alarm go off and said it sounded “like an air raid.”

Morrison also marvelled that Kyrah was able to get the rooftop door open.

“It’s a heavy steel door,” he said. “I don’t understand how a 3-year-old could get out.”

Building super Desmond Bain, who saw the video, said nobody stopped Kyrah from reaching the roof.

“You can see the little girl on the tape walking up the stairs to the roof,” he said. “She was alone when she went up there, but that’s all you can see.”

Martin was left with yet another child to bury during what should be a joyous time of the year.

Four years ago, Martin lost another child shortly after it was born prematurely with respiratory problems.

“It was not similar at all, to what happened here,” Kelly said.

Bryant Eason, father of a 5-year-old girl, placed a toy on the spot where Kyrah landed – and where some of the snow was still stained with her blood.

“I can’t imagine losing my baby like that,” said Eason, 48. “Three years old? With Christmas two days away? That’s so, so sad.”

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