Lloyd Banks Arrested For Assault, Robbery (Photos)

G-Unit Lloyd Banks Chris Hines Canada party poster

G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks, real name Christopher Charles Lloyd, 27, along with other associates have apparently been arrested for being involved in some sort of fight/confrontation with a Canadian hip-hop promoter following a concert Friday night in Canada at Club NV at 234 Colborne Street, Downtown Brantford.

Chris Hines, Canada promoter


Lloyd Banks along with three to four other men allegedly assaulted Canadian road manager Chris Hines of Chris Hines/Ultimate Entertainment in a hotel near Kitchener in Southern Ontario, Canada where Banks was scheduled to perform.

Hines, after the alleged brutal fight and attack which was allegedly over a payment discrepancy, was rushed to the hospital. Hines apparently refused to pay Banks for not giving a full performance as agreed in their performance agreement.

According to a Chris Hines Facebook profile the road manager has done road managing for Lloyd Banks, Buju Banton, Sticky Fingaz from Onyx, Dj Whoo Kid, and 50 Cent.

Furthermore, Hines personally manages DJ John J of Shadyville, Matt Babel and worked for Violator Management.

As seen clearly in this picture of a bruised Hines, the manager suffered from lacerations to his face as well as a bruised eye and a possible trauma to the head.

According to an article on AllHipHop, Lloyd Banks, along with Shaun McGee, Tyrell Cooper and Nicholas Sloan are all in custody in Kitchener’s District 1 police station facing possible charges of assault, robbery and forced confinement.

Chris Hines, After Assault

Photo of bruised Cris Hines, Canadian promoter allegedly attacked by Lloyd Banks

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2 thoughts on “Lloyd Banks Arrested For Assault, Robbery (Photos)

  1. lmao damn, they fucked this nigga up .
    and personally i think the nigga got what he deserved . you can’t try to fuck a nigga over w| his money and expect nothin’ to happen . niggas get shit Cracc’n* .

    FREE my nigga Lloyd Bank$ .

  2. MIAMIBOY on said:

    ni66a plz u dont even kno what u sayin brah all those gay unit ni66as r pussy he was probably was doing dat shyt cuz he is in canada.. i bet he woulnd be doing that frontin shyt in NY … FUCK LOYD BANKS!!!

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