Stuck In Bed For 6 Months Cause Of Her Big Boobs

stuck in bed big boobs pic thisis50

Julia Manihuari’s chest grew to a gigantic N cup after the birth of her third son seven years ago – leaving her unable to move.

The 29-year-old said: “Its awful. If I tried to get up I would faint because my breasts were so heavy.”

The pint-sized farmer’s wife, who lives in northern Peru, was finally helped when local media paid for her to take a three-day boat trip to the nearest town for medical help.

Doctors diagnosed an extreme form of Bilateral Gynecomastia – an illness where the mammary gland keeps growing.

They had to cut 31lbs (Two and a half stone) of flesh from Julia’s boobs fearing they could squash her lungs and kill her.

Julia emerged a 34B cup after the six-hour op.

The 5ft patient said: “Before the operation I couldn’t do anything, I just had to live with it, it got so bad that my breasts were touching my legs.

“I have always had a small build, and the stress on the rest of my body was agony.”

She added: “My breasts were growing by the day. I couldn’t move because my boobs and belly were the same size. My breasts became so huge my skin had sores and I had trouble breathing.”

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