Carmelo Anthony , Nets or Knicks ?

article by : @niqueziploc

Back when the Nuggets got knocked out of the first round of the playoffs by Utah, it was bad, but you still figured the team had a bright future with ‘Melo

(who’d already signed one extension in Denver and seemed content where he was) not too far removed from a Western Conference Finals berth, a few more years of quality Chauncey, some young talent in Ty Lawson and J.R. Smith, etc. Just a few months later, the odds are looking slim that Denver opens this season with ‘Melo on the roster. Did the Nuggets know ‘Melo had been growing frustrated? How sudden was this development? Could they have known this was coming … Yesterday’s most legit rumor said the Nets have become the leading in the ‘Melo race — should they offer Derrick Favors, Troy Murphy, Kris Humphries and a 1st-rounder — but then Isiah Thomas (after consulting his See-N-Say) said it’ll be either the Knicks or Bulls. And Lil’ Scooter down on 134th thinks ‘Melo is headed to the Thunder, so don’t count that out … For the record, Rajon Rondo is saying he voluntarily pulled out of Team USA consideration so he could focus on the Celtics’ season. So why go through the whole USA process in the first place? … Erick Dampier worked out for the Rockets, and is still considering signing with Houston or Miami. Wouldn’t you hate to be the guy brought in to be Damp’s workout partner? Whatever team that’s looking at him is mainly interested in his ability to bang and dole out six fouls; it’s not like he’s working on turnaround jumpers and hooks with either hand. So his workout partner is getting his ass kicked while Damp shows off his flagrant-foul skills … From one athletic and talented yet unproductive SF to the next: The Hornets are giving Joe Alexander a shot after the Julian Wright experiment was declared a bust. Alexander, the No. 8 pick in the ‘08 Draft, basically hasn’t made an impact anywhere basketball-wise since he was at West Virginia. In theory he’ll benefit from playing alongside Chris Paul, but that’s only if he gets on the court … And because the Raptors need to lose more talent, Lottery pick Ed Davis will be out for at least the first month of the season following surgery on torn meniscus in his right knee. Nothing too major, but not a good sign for those who were worried Davis will be another Brandan Wright … When Raps coach Jay Triano says, “We don’t have anybody we have to cater to offensively. We’re going to be a very balanced team,” is he admitting his team doesn’t have a real go-to guy, or is he just taking a jab at Chris Bosh? It’s not like Toronto needs to give Miami another reason to run them out of the gym however many times hey play next season

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