3 White Plains teens burglarized 14 cars

artical by: @MALLEY914

HARRISON — Three White Plains 16-year-olds are accused of stealing thousands of dollars in property from 14 cars in one night.

Police said the three boys entered the unlocked cars in the Park Lane development around 4 a.m. Sunday and stole multiple GPS devices, an Apple computer, several iPods, sunglasses and cash. They popped the trunks once inside the cars and stole what had been secured there, police said.

The value of everything stolen exceeded $3,000, police said, the computer alone worth $1,500.

Michael J. Innes of 31 Upland Ave., Philip Heino of 64 Sunset Drive and Adam E. Goldbloom of 39 Wayne Ave. were charged with two felonies; third-degree criminal possession of stolen property and fourth-degree grand larceny; and 13 misdemeanor counts of petty larceny and one of fifth-degree conspiracy.

Stonewall Circle was hit the hardest, then Forest Lake Drive and Dawson Court.

Police said they developed information that led them to the suspects’ homes within 12 hours of the thefts. All the stolen property was recovered.

The teens are persons of interest in similar thefts in White Plains, Harrison police said.

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