White Plains Council Approves “Rotondi Mall Hotel” on Main Street

Posted by : MALLEY914

The Common Council approved the first phase of A.J. Rotondi’s Main Street Mall and possible hotel Monday evening. It took great pains to explain to a city wide television audience that the hotel portion of the project was not approved at this time. Councilmembers questions about access to parking for the hotel, and Councilman Boykin pointed out that any sky way connections from the Rotondi mall to the City Center Garage would require a variance which had to be approved by the Cappelli organization which owns the City Center.

First Phase of Rotondi Mall on Main Street Approved.The hotel below…anywhere from 120 to 150 rooms was not approved yet.

The council did not ask how close Mr. Rotondi was to acquiring financing for the project. Spokespersons for the Rotondi organization said during the hearing that they expected to be coming back to the council within 30 days with more information on the hotel possibilities. During the work session two weeks ago, Mr.Rotondi said the hotel was a key selling point to get retailers to rent up the mall.

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